Growing up in Massachusetts, Nadine loved listening to the radio and her parents’ recordings of big band music, pop classics, and Broadway show tunes. She would sing along with Ella Fitzgerald, Judy Garland, Mary Martin, Julie Andrews, and Barbra Streisand, and would dream of being a famous singer. She began studying piano at age 7 and voice at age 16. Shortly after moving to Edison, NJ, Nadine sang “Alfie” in the high school talent show, and received her first standing ovation.

Two years later she began to sing professionally in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. While working on her B.A. in Music and English at Hofstra University, she sang in local coffeehouses and clubs in New York City. After graduation she continued trying to “make it” as a singer in NYC. Though audiences were enthusiastic, agents would not consider signing a female singer with a physical disability – Nadine walked on crutches and when necessary used a manual wheelchair, having contracted Polio at age 3.

She left New York to study at the University of Miami where she got her M.M. in Music Therapy. While pursuing this new career working in special education centers in Maryland, Nadine also performed as a singer-pianist. In 1984, she opened a private music therapy practice in the house she bought with her husband, and began teaching music in local hebrew schools. She was performing Jewish/Israeli music with Jan Lieberman.

In 1986 she met talented jazz pianist Sean Lane, who was starting his own career as a music therapist. Nadine and Sean performed together all over the Washington area, including 5 appearances at the Kennedy Center. Meanwhile, Nadine’s family expanded to include a lively daughter. When her arms became weaker from Post-Polio and she had to use an electric wheelchair, she performed as a pianist less often and concentrated more on her work as a music therapist and teacher. Nadine joined the Mishkan Torah choir and recorded a CD with them. When she did perform as a solo artist, she was often asked if she had a CD of her own.

Finally, in 2008 she began to record “Positively” – a mix of pop, jazz, and Broadway standards. She invited Sean and other friends to join her on the jazz tracks. After 9 months in production, this baby has finally been delivered.

© 2009 Nadine Wobus